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I started a youtube channel aka how can I combine two seemingly unrelated aspects of my life?


So I, Elizabeth Latham, have a Ph.D in animal science specializing in beef cattle nutrition and rumen microbiology, a masters in marine biology, and two bachelors in biology and environmental systems and somehow I ended up making weird, fancy garlic products in central Texas. I'm not complaining, but sometimes I miss being in academia where I got to talk at students, explore new scientific papers and ideas, and generally push my little noggin.


Robert, my dear husband, for years has been encouraging me to start a youtube channel where I talk about the animal industry in which my other company, Bezoar Laboratories, LLC lives. I don't like getting angry letters from vegans so I nixed that idea. Then I started thinking *I have over two years of graduate level coursework in human nutrition* why not talk about that? So, Let's Break This Down with Elizabeth the Scientist was born. I have a whooping 1 subscriber! {I don't think it's possible to have zero} I don't even think my mom has subscribed. I posted on Instagram and like an old person the video is sideways. BUT I've been enjoying it and find it fulfilling. So if you want to learn about research on black garlic, functional foods, human health, and disease prevention please subscribe and if you know a young person who wants to help me figure out how social media works please send them my way.


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